Yeshiva Gedolah Be'er Hatorah

The Yeshiva:

Yeshiva Gedolah Be’er Hatorah was founded ten years ago by Harav Avrohom Grubner for Bais Medrash level bochurim and has quickly earned a reputation as a premier makom Torah that produces refined and well-rounded bnei torah. The Yeshiva attracts bachurim from all across North America and abroad, who flock to Lakewood for the opportunity to grow and shteig in the unique environment that the yeshiva provides.

The devoted hanhalah of Yeshiva Gedolah Be'er Hatorah is renowned for their ability to bring out the true potential of each bochur, by reaching him on his own level and by serving as sterling role models for their young students. The high expectations of excellence from the rebbeim, serve as a strong motivation for the talmidim to continue striving in their learning and avodas Hashem.

With tremendous siyata dishmaya, the Yeshiva has seen many talmidim advance to levels that they would never have imagined. This is due to the constant encouragement of their rabbeim, the pilpul chaverim, and the achdus in achieving a united goal. In addition to their proficiency in learning, the bochurim are also distinguished for their outstanding middos, which is evident from their interaction with each other and with whoever they encounter.

After several years of learning in the Yeshiva, a Be'er Hatorah bochur stands out for his devotion to learning, Torah aptitude, sense of achrayus, and exceptional character.

The Campaign:

As the entire world shut down, our Hanhala stepped up and increased their dedication to the spiritual and emotional needs of their talmidim and alumni. Whether it was for virtual sedarim/shiurim, extra hashkafa vaadim, tefillos for those in need, or any other need our Hanhala was the address. Because in Be'er Hatorah talmidim are like family!

They** share their time, they share their minds, and they share **their hearts.

Will you do your** share by sharing **your resources and sharing this campaign with your social network?

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